About us

Welcome to the website of the Serbian Institute in Budapest

The Serbian Institute was founded in 2009 as a budgetary institution of the National Serbian Council in Hungary. The Council is the national level self-government body of Serb ethnic minority in Hungary which represents the interests of the community and implements the cultural autonomy through setting up and maintaining a set of cultural, educational and other institutions.

This Institutes’ task is to organize, support, coordinate and carry out research programs connected to the history and present day status of Serbs in Hungary.

The Serbian scientific activity in Hungary has a history of several centuries. As from the beginning of 18th century, a number of Serbian historians, linguists, jurists, philosophers, doctors, scientists, biologists, physicists, engineers were born, educated and worked in the Kingdom of Hungary.

The aim of the Institute is to create institutional framework for scientific research activity which can support better self-knowledge and self-respect of Serbs in Hungary who are not a too numerous community, but have a relatively strong intelligentsia.

Gradually, we intend to extend our activities to the support of minority public education, higher education, protection of heritage of Serbs in Hungary and to political decision-making.

We know that our goals can be achieved only in cooperation with other scientific institutions. We are opened to cooperation in Hungary and Serbia and to international cooperation in general.

As a young and still developing institution we have to face a number of difficulties. Nevertheless, the Institutes’ first opening research projects make as optimistic about the future.

Through our progressively developing and continuously updated web site we would like to give information, data about the Serbs in Hungary and research results of the Institute.

Pera Lastić, director